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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Nouns and Verbs and Adjectives....and Bats??

This month the students have added three new words to their vocabulary: nouns, verbs and adjectives.
They learned that nouns are things that you can label.  Nouns name a person, place or thing.
Adjectives describe a noun.  They can describe colour, size, quantity, smell, touch, or feeling of the noun.  Verbs give the action of a noun.
The students created these lovely Halloween themed pages to assist in learning about adjectives.  On the back of each page, they practised writing words that described the character (or part of the character) that they had created on the front.  We tried to focus in on what we could 'see' when we looked at the characters and use words to describe those labeled nouns.
I love that even though everyone made one, they did not all turn out the same!  Just take a look at the direction of the feet!
This example was 'Frankie' and the students did not use any tracers.  Instead they watched and listened as the example was created.  Being able to visualize, and follow oral directions are two skills that the students will be practising throughout the school year.
That 'Frankie' is so darn handsome!
The students also had the opportunity to use their interest and curiosity about the 'creatures of the night' to practise their skills in doing research.  Bats are so very interesting! The students learned that what they already know is called schema, and that we can add to our knowledge through reading books, searching the internet, watching videos and talking to others.
Classroom experiences are based on collaboration and the students really enjoyed the different group settings that they were able to work in throughout this project.
One of the best books for getting hooked on bats is Stellaluna.
There are a number of books on the iPads we use in the class, and that book is one of them!
I love how our tables allow flexibility in grouping.  When the students work together, they know that they can choose just about anywhere to get settled!

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