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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Halloween was a Howling Success!

 I heard Halloween described this way during the's all about the make-up and the food!  For our little ghouls, it was all about the costumes and the food with a great amount of fun added in!  Look at the wonderful variety of costumes that appeared......

Thank you to the dedicated parents who brought along some delicious treats that fit in with our APPLE school philosophy.  We had bat and ghost rice krispie treats,
grape caterpillars on skewers...
'Candy Corn' fruit cups with pineapple on the bottom, oranges in the centre and whipped cream on top,
and who wouldn't want to eat vegetables when they are served this way?

We went off to the gym where the students played a variety of games, such as Toss the Rings on the Witch's Hat,
and about ten more games that tested accuracy and skill, all managed by our parent helpers.

Our principal even found her 'mini me' at the Costume parade.
Thank you all for dedicating the day to allowing our students to have a spooky fun time!

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