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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Thanksgiving Mass this Friday

Please join us at our parish for mass on Friday morning.  The students will be transported by bus where we will join another school to give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!

Please write a note in your child's agenda indicating the following:
a) has (or has not) received the Sacrament of Baptism
b) has (or has not) received the Sacrament of Reconciliation
c) has (or has not) received the Sacrament of Communion

This information will make it so much easier to prepare the students when they reach the altar, to either receive the Sacrament of Communion or to be blessed as a child of God.  I had asked for this information when we had our Parent Open House a few weeks ago, but as many, many families could not attend, I will need to rely on you to send this information to me by Friday morning.

As well, during our weekly assembly, Mr. Harmata reminded us all that swimming fees and swimming levels for all students must be in by Friday a.m. as the staff at the pool has a big job ahead of them, getting our groups organized for lessons this coming Thursday.  Thanks for ensuring that they will not be hampered by a delay in getting the fees and levels to them on time.

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