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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Brain Breaks during CCATs

In our school division, Grade 3 students write CCAT assessments in October.  These assessments measure the potential for learning and when paired with the CTBS assessments that Grade 2 students write in the spring, give educational professionals information to ensure that individual strengths and weaknesses are recognized and taken into account when curriculum plans are made.  In the winter we will get individual student profiles that show the correlation between the two assessments.  When you visit for Three Way Conferences in March, please ask to see your child's profile and we can discuss what information can be gleaned from them. 

THANK YOU for assisting your child in feeling empowered through your letters of encouragement to them.  They were so surprised to get them!
You can see that we set up our little 'offices' to allow each student a private area to be able to focus on doing their best during these assessments.  I am not allowed to read any words for them or explain the meaning of the words.  I can only read what is written in my guide book.  Each little sub test is timed.  The students really did a fine job of 'going with the flow.'  One little one even said "Yeah! Tests!" this morning, which did my heart good.

In between the tests, I give the students a brain break.  They get up from their chairs, watch a recorded dance video with children demonstrating the moves.  They have a blast!

I think this one was about acting like monkeys, elephants and tigers.
It gives them a chance to release some energy before getting back to work!
It's nearing the season of goblins and ghouls.  During their math time for the next few weeks, the students will be reviewing a variety of concepts using some great games.  They don't even know they are learning!

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