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Monday, 14 October 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We love working with other classes!  On Friday, we teamed up with another class to think of ideas for being great 'Bucket Fillers."
There were smiles all around!
It's taking a little while, but the school is starting to look like it is a primary school.  One of the areas that needed change was this display case at the front that used to house all the Jr. High trophies.
Now it will showcase the seasons...
and welcome our visitors to our building.
Thank you to all the families who took up the 'turkey challenge'!  There were so many creative ways to disguise these birds.  
The smiles on the students' faces as they presented their projects were only matched by the stories of which parent helped them with the ideas and the execution of those ideas.
Meet "Pinkalicious'....
a princess....
and "Thing Two"
Not a turkey in the bunch!

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