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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fire Prevention Week

We take great care in ensuring that the students are safe.  We have fire drills, lock down drills, evacuation drills, policies that ensure safe play with others, we ask parents to sign in before entering the school proper and to wear Visitor tags to assist us in knowing that they belong in the building.  

Please take the time to practise a fire drill in your own home.  Where will your safe meeting place be?  What is your special code word that indicates that the person meeting your child is known to the family?  Does your child always wear proper seat belts when in your vehicle?
The Grade Three students took in the 'Hazard House' a Community Safety Education program offered through our local fire department.  This unique teaching aide provides captivating presentations on home fire hazards, early detection of smoke/fire and proper fire emergency responses.

The kids loved it!

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