Love You

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

The Symphony

I absolutely love that my students have the opportunity to hear the symphony orchestra.  They looked so glamorous in their 'Sunday best' and were enthralled throughout the performance.
Vivaldi's Four Seasons is some of my favourite classic music and then they ended with William Tells Overture.  It couldn't have been better!

Friday, 10 May 2019

Our own county museum

Who knew?  If you have not been to our own little museum in the original fire hall/police station here in town, you are missing an amazing treasure!  What a gem of a place and the volunteers who spoke with our students and shared information about life long ago were so knowledgeable.
The building isn't big but it houses so many different little vignettes into life within the county over the last one hundred years or so.  There is a little 'barn' and a 'blacksmith shop',

full of sharp tools and dangerous looking items.  We didn't touch a thing!
A variety of rooms focus on life long ago so the students got to peep into a formal parlour and spent some time in the kitchen learning about a coal stove, an ice box and a flour bin.
Their hands never were down....they had question after question.
Given the educational focus that is being played on life before Europeans came to this land, the students had an opportunity to hear more about the life of those who traveled these lands.
After our stories about the girl, Kaya, the students wanted to share their knowledge as much as they wanted to hear new facts.
This gentlemen keep the students entertained as they visited the little schoolhouse.  He shared his own early school experiences, when there were only 7 students in his school, he traveled in a cart pulled by a horse and he was one of two children in Grade One, but there were no students in Grade Two.
The students loved these little desks!

There was a church room, a beauty shop, and this store.
The students played a searching game.  Any of you remember using Rogers' syrup on your pancakes?
They learned about the coffee grinder.
I feel lucky that I never had to darn socks using this wooden tool.
The artifacts are donated and are so well cared for.  I loved this stained glass window.
I didn't read Dick and Jane.  I read about Tom and Betty and Susan.  These were large teaching pages that would have been displayed in the classroom  and the children would have read all together, as the teacher pointed to the words.  Children today learn to read much longer words earlier in their practising.
Judging by this smile, I would say this museum visit was a hit!

Monday, 6 May 2019

We have been busy!

We are wrapping up our language learning focus using the stories by H. A. Rey about the little curious monkey named George.  The students wrote their own stories about George's adventures and  after sharing them within the class, assessing them with their classmates and doing some self assessment, the students divided into three groups and read their stories to the three Grade One classes.

Our math is focused on a Project Based Learning unit, in which each student is 
creating a town square, following the criteria shared in these slides.
Each of the places that will be added to the town square will come from our creative 'architects',
who also worked collaboratively with their firm's 'partners'
to ensure that the plans and drawings were appropriate.
They are focused on knowing how to share ideas, to express their ideas both verbally and in written and drawn form, and to offer suggestions and opinions in a positive manner.
It has been a great project that the students are enjoying immensely, because they are in charge of the final product!
If you could have seen their surprised and confused faces on Friday morning, as grandmas and mamas showed up in our classroom.  Great job of keeping the secret!
It was sock monkey making day, and the students took their job very seriously,
listening carefully to the instructions and then picking up a needle and thread,
to sew on tails, stuff the parts, 
and end up with a friend for life!

Look at what they accomplished!

Monkeys alive...they took them to visit our principal, who has been behind closed doors all day doing the boriing things that principals do.  We wanted to cheer him up and show him our accomplishments!
Oh happy day!

Sunday, 28 April 2019

A little bit late!

Somehow or other, I sort of forgot that I had not put these photos onto the blog.
Father Jim came into our class on Maunday Thursday.  He worked with the students to make the connection between Jesus' words and actions at the Last Supper, and the gift of His Body and Blood that the children will receive through Communion.  He was very impressed with their understanding.
He also thought that the students were doing a lovely job of recreating Leonardo Da Vinci's painting. The students were trying to remember the names of all of the 12 Apostles.
It was a lot of work....
...but I hope that you were able to display this labour of love at your Easter table.
The students also worked hard on telling the story of Passion Week.  The stories will continue as they hear more about Jesus' work with the disciples, helping be ready for his final ascension into Heaven.
We have finished our stories about Kaya, an Indigenous girl from the New Perce nation in the USA.  It is an important new curriculum requirement that students in Alberta have an understanding and appreciation for our First Nation peoples, and I believe that the students in my class see that those who came before us, lived a life that reflected values based on respect for the laws of nature.