Love You

Friday, 6 December 2019

Busy, busy, busy!

Benjamin Franklin said:
             Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Oh how true for littles!
Add a story, a challenge, an "I wonder what will happen..."
and the work doesn't seem like work at all.
In Science, we are Building Things.
The students heard a version of the tale of The Three Little Pigs,
but there was a twist.  Instead of the fourth character being a
big, bad wolf it turned out that it was the big bad blowdryer!
In small groups of three students, the students found a way to
choose their house to create (rock, paper, scissors never leads to arguments!)
Each student in the small group used a small milk carton (I've
been saving these for months!) and using paper for straw,
popsicle sticks for wood or Lego for bricks, they worked over a series
of days to finish their little house.

The big bad blowdryer showed up and we all gathered around
one of the tables, and thought about how scientists do experiments.
Scientists make sure the experiment is fair.
Notice how all the houses are lined up with one side against the 
line between the tables?  That is fair.
Scientists think about what they think is going to happen.
That is called a hypothesis.
Scientists make observations.  That means they watch very closely.
Oh my goodness!  Sometimes scientists (and Grade One students)
are amazed that things don't turn out the way they thought they would.
Look!  The wood house moved the least, the straw house moved more BUT the 
milk carton inside the three sided brick house house the most!
There is LOTS of time for thinking:
What did you think was going to happen?
Did it happen?
Why do you think this happened instead?

Sometimes, they cannot share, only think.  After more observations,
they are able to share their thoughts with words that show their ability
to compare and contrast.....

Really, in this picture, they aren't bored.....they just didn't know that they
were going to be in the picture.

LOOK at that brick house!  They were so impressed with the
kiddo who built it that they burst into spontaneous applause! didn't move at all!

They could explain why!
What else have we been up to?
We are learning to listen carefully and share various elements of stories.
For this month, the students are listening to a variety of different versions
of stories about Gingerbread.  The first three stories were about a
Gingerbread Man.  They all had the same title, BUT the gingerbread man
met different characters, sang different words and the stories ended
differently.  Later in the week, the students heard about the
gingerbread man's younger and wiser sister.
There are gingerbread men everywhere in out class,
and lots more books to read and compare.
The students made a fold out story board in the shape of three gingerbread men,
with the first one telling what happened in the beginning 
of the story,
the next one telling what happened in the middle
of the story and
the last one telling how the story ended.

Since this was new learning, we did the work as a class.

One of our other science units is about our senses, so I plan to 
have the students decorate and then eat a gingerbread cookie next week.
I am not aware of any allergies that I should be concerned about.
If there is, please let me know asap.
Can you imagine the excitement this morning when the students went
to put on their shoes and found a tiny orange, a candy cane
and some chocolate coins in their shoe?!?!?

Of course, today is December 6th and this is the feast day of St Nicholas.
The students learned that St. Nicholas was a real person and
for many children in Europe, this is the day that they receive their
gifts, often in their shoes which are left by the door.

They learned that the generous bishop had helped a family by throwing a
sack of money into their house through an open window and that
the sack of money had landed inside a sock which was hanging to dry
on the fireplace.....does that help you make a connection to today's traditions?
We have our own St. Nicholas doll now, reminding us to keep Christ
in Christmas!

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Let's Build a Zoo

Earlier this week, the students heard the story by Tad Hill called
"How Rocket Learned to Read".
Imagine our surprise when the next morning, our classroom was
filled with Rocket's friends who had heard that Rocket could read!
They wanted to learn to!  The students have each taken a puppy
into their care and are going to work with the puppy daily to teach
it how to read too!
We are moving on to working with numbers in math.  The students
were using two sided counters to explore the many ways to create
the number FIVE.  Did you know that there are six combinations if you are 
using two colours?
Most think there is five combinations.  
What numeral are they forgetting about?
Right!  You can use a zero as in 5 and 0 make 5.
THANK YOU so much for coming to my rescue to ensure that
there were enough adults to help the students as they worked
through the Teacher's Pet project.  
They used a variety of materials that they 'bought' to create
an enclosure for their chosen animal to live in.  They added
what the animal would need, such as a bed, a place to eat, something 
to keep them active so they would not become bored, some water,
perhaps something to climb or to add shade...

No two were the same!  
What I love best is the pride that each student took in
their work,
and their ability to explain their thoughts,
and how they executed those plans.
If you were a zoo animal, you would be well taken care of
by these future zoologists.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Christ the King

This past Sunday is known as Christ the King Sunday.  We are in the last week of the 
liturgical calendar.Next Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, the season of 
preparing for the birth of our Saviour.

To help make the connection for the littles, they each made a crown,, declaring that 
each person, each family, each community, each nation and each universe.
May Christ reign in your heart!

Saturday, 23 November 2019

The 50th Day of School

Spoiler alert!  There are a lot of photos to share from this very good,
terrific, awesome, special day!
I can't believe it when I do the math and figure out that 1950 is almost 
70 years ago.  It does count as long ago and celebrating the 50th day 
of school with a 1950's theme, helps our littles make connections to the past.
I was surprised how many knew what a record is!
The funny part was that most could not relate to an iPod...
they said they listened to music on their parents' phone!
Every student got to invite another student to go for a ride with them in 
a pink Cadillac.  They thought it was cool!
The morning was spent working on the number 50.
They counted to 50 by ones, twos, even numbers, odd numbers, 
fives and tens.  They learned that 5 dimes or 2 quarters made 50 cents.
In the afternoon there were four different activities.
All three classes got together and had a sock hop.  They tried to
jive, and twist and do the hand jive.
They looked like they were having fun but..

they quickly tired out from all that dancing!
One of the stations was to learn how to blow a bubble with 
bubble gum.  We graphed the results, and wrote the three steps.

Oh how proud they were when a little bubble appeared!
Mrs. deVries, Ms. Tessier and myself got into the spirit of
the day too!
Here are the pages that the students created to look like
the clothes of the 1950's.  It is a colourful display!

Even this little one got into the spirit.  I shared some old readers
along with elf and golden books with the kiddos so that they
could see that children in the past are doing what they are doing...
learning to read and enjoying the stories!

We also wrote the three steps that it takes to make a root beer
float and created a little book.  They made themselves blowing a
bubble with their pink bubble gum.
What I love about my class is that they are aware of who they are.
We have talked about the fact that paper doesn't always come in the 
actual colour of skin or hair and that they should add details to
make the picture look like themselves.  They did a wonderful job!
One of the other centers for the afternoon had an opportunity for 
bowling and hula hooping.  I didn't get a chance for taking photos!
My centre was the one for making root beer floats.  Not all
the students liked the flavour, but they all tried it!
I have to admit, I like this day more than Halloween.  Look at those smiles!
I think that they had so much fun...and learned so much too!