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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Many Parts...One Body in Christ

A few weeks ago, I led the weekly Wednesday morning assembly.  I shared the story of The Crayon Box That Talked, where the crayons were not polite and kind to each other.  A child used them in the picture that was being drawn, to show them that they could get along and make wonderful pictures together!
Here's Kristin Andreassen's sweet video that the students watched...and clapped along to!
Each grade level then was given a colour to use to create a picture of themselves.  Grade One used red and orange...
...Grade Two used green...
...Grade Three used blue...
..while Grade Four used purple and pink.

Even the Kindergarten classes got into the spirit and used yellow for their pictures.
It took a while but the rainbow of students that make up our sweet school are now all represented on our long wall towards the gymnasium.
No one picture is more important than the other.  Instead, it is that all of the pictures add to the overall effect of creating the rainbow.  So it is with each of us...we are all parts, but we are ONE BODY IN CHRIST!

Lucky girl lost a tooth at school today!  She's the first one to take home our "TOOTH FAIRY" literacy bag!  Hope the tooth fairy is good to her tonight!

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