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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Learning, always learning....

I often hear parents say "It wasn't like this when I went to school", to which I can answer "It wasn't like this when I started teaching!"  I'm so glad that we are creating learners who question, co-operate and think!  The students practised working in groups to complete a series of questions about the four countries that we will be comparing to our own country throughout the year.
They practised looking for answers in text, recognizing that they will have to synthesize in order to answer.  The answer is not right there in the text.  They have to use what they already know  to create an answer that makes sense.
They practised reading the maps that they coloured to also assist in answering specific questions.
They practised talking to others, to arrive at an answer that everyone could agree on!
Later on, the students worked on a collage-type project.  It was multi stepped, beginning with orientating the paper, sketching a bare tree, outlining and colouring in only one direction,
pasting on a cut out photo of themselves, and adding punched out little Autumn leaves.
Each one was so proud of their final product,
and I was so proud of their listening skills, 'stick to it' attitude,
and their pleasure in a job well done!

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