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Monday, 30 September 2013

Double the Fun!

Have you ever heard of 'reverse recess'? It means that the students play and run and get their exercise first and then return to the classroom to have their morning snack or lunch.  Thought I would share these happy smiling faces as they munch on their fruit or vegetable that they have brought for morning snack.  
Fruits and vegetables are the perfect thing to pack for your busy child because they have the right dose of vitamins and natural sugars to give these little learners the energy to make it through until lunch.
Prepackaged fruit snacks or fruit rollups just don't come close to the nutrition that is packed into nature's sweets!
It does my heart good to hear the students' say "Guess what I brought?  I have veggies and dip!" or "Great!  My favourite!  Grapes!"  Involve your child in choosing what they would like to see as a snack.  The easy choice is nature's best food, fruits and vegetables!
Here are the DOUBLES games that the students will be focussing on for the next few days.  The curriculum asks the students to recognize a variety of strategies when adding or subtracting to ensure their understanding of the way numbers work.
When a student knows the doubles, such as 8 + 8 makes 16, they then can think about using what they know to help with an equation such as 8 + 7.  Here's what they may be saying inside their head..
"I know 8+8, so when I see 8+7 I can see that 7 is one smaller....that means that answer will be one smaller....the answer is 15....that's one smaller than 16."  
Does your child know all the doubles to 20?

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