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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Olympic Hallway Display

The Olympics may not be an annual event, but what an exciting opportunity it gives us to see how what we are working on in school is part of our real life experiences.
We set up a hallway display for the whole school to enjoy, which included a number of books from our library related to the various sports that are participated in.
The icons for the events were so bright and colourful with the Sochi colours added to them.
Great math skills being practiced as we watched our Canadian athletes add to our medal standings.
Will there be more to add after this weekend? (Hope so!)
Both Grade Three classes partnered up to add to the display.  They created paper people that looked like themselves, and then wrote about how they could be "Gold Medal Students."  What does it take to be the best at their job, the job of learning, each and every day?
Thanks to Kelly Dolling for sharing this idea with me.
On Friday evening, I saw a parent from another school standing and reading these. (Her child was in the gym for a night practice)  She was so very impressed with the ideas that the students had come up with and their writing skills over all.
It's nice to hear from someone who doesn't know the students, because I can be a bit biased when I say that I thought it might have been their best writing to date!

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