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Thursday, 20 February 2014

100th Day of School

When the students bring in their bottles filled with 100 things on the 100th day of school (original idea found on the internet at read write think), the best part is the three clues that they have written and then share.  The other students get to guess what is in the bottle and that leads to great discussion to why they made that particular guess.
Out of the 18 students that participated, there were only two who chose the same items!
The bottles, hanging up just outside our classroom, generate a lot of interest from other classes.
The students are then challenged to take their three clues and write a question using that information.  It is an opportunity to see how commas are used when a list is included in a sentence.  They write at least another seven sentences about their items and then finish with a sentence that reveals what is inside of the bottle.
This one started with What are square and edible?
If you guessed Cinnamon Toast Crunch then your right!
(Shows we need to work on contractions a little more!)
The students wrote about what they would do if given $100.00,
tallied how many times they needed to roll a die to get to 100,
used their name and colours to create a pattern,
and used a pizza to create a graph.
There were a few little centres for those who finished early, such as creating a structure using 100 mini solo cups, creating a pattern with 100 pattern blocks and building something with 100 Lego blocks. 
After estimating an answer, the students worked in pairs to see how many times they could hop, clap, blink and say the alphabet in 100 seconds.  My picture is blurry, but this gal is clapping.
One student had to count "one thousand one, one thousand two..." up to 100, while the other student did the activity and then they switched.
To compliment the Olympics, the students are writing a book report on a chapter book this week, using this book as their home reading for the week.  They know that this means that they will be reading Friday, Saturday and Sunday in order to complete the work for Monday's due date.  They are awarding the book a gold, silver or bronze medal and then on the second page, they are explaining their reasons (judging) on the book's merit.  These will be displayed in our library to entice other students to try out these medal winning stories. Thanks to Lori Flaglor for sharing this lovely idea.

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