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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Kung Hei Fat Choy

A HUGE thank you to these two lovely girls who invited my husband and myself to their Celebration of the Lunar New Year.  It was a delight to be with them and many, many friends and family members.
2014 is the Year of the Horse and their talented mommy made this scrumptious cake.
I knew enough that I brought the girls packets of lucky money, always given in red envelopes, which follows the traditions in that part of the world.
It hurts my heart that our iPAD cart is still not up and running, so we took the plunge and began to put our Polar Bear research onto the four iPADs that I own and the students use in the classroom.  It may take forever, but the first ones to use them for this purpose were so excited (more like PUMPED) to get to finally see the product come to life.
They certainly aren't afraid of making mistakes and were quick to show me some shortcuts that they had already figured out in two days.
My next step.....downloading QR code reader/maker....wait until you come to the conferences at the end of March!
Today I was blessed to have my second opportunity to listen to Gail and Joan, the two sisters who wrote Daily Five and Cafe, which drives the manner in which the students manage their learning in the area of Language Learning.  It was a lot colder today than when I saw them in Las Vegas a year ago in November!  Can you see that Joan added a scarf to her outfit, not for fashion reasons, but because the venue was that chilly!  Hearing them again allowed me to recognize areas that I need to continue to grow and do a better job in delivering to my kiddos.

Off the the second day of Teacher's Convention tomorrow, where I get to chair a session for a speaker who will speak on....iPADs in the classroom!  Too cool!

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