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Friday, 21 February 2014

Gold Medal Thursday!

We start class at 8:45 and the women's gold medal game in curling was not yet finished.  Since I had it up on the SMARTBoard through the CBC live stream, the students wanted to see what would happen.  We talked through different strategies, shared what we thought we would do if we were curling, and then tied it into angles in math.  What would happen to the rock if it was hit on this side?
We sat in anticipation of every rock thrown!
..and were so happy when our women's team won gold!
It was a great opportunity to talk about how winning silver was not something to be ashamed to have done.  Pride in your accomplishments should be about your effort not theirs!
Here's my gold medal!  Finally, with lots and lots of assistance from Mrs. Littlemore in setting up this cart, my class had the opportunity to see what it is like to be a 1:1 iPad classroom.

Whole tables of students working on iPads, not only my 4 being shared between 20 students.
The collaboration between students made my heart sing!

An important skill for all of our twenty first century learners, which can be learned and practiced at home, is to keyboard.  It is a skill that they will need forever, and it is something that our curriculum does not give us time to work on at school, so if you are looking for something to assist your child with, being able to quickly and efficiently, keyboard would be a skill that I would suggest is worth your time and energy.
This group is working on reading fluency, reading about the Olympic Games to each other and then answering questions based on what they read.  Great learning and reading practice too!

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