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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Sharing my 'heart' with you!

We took the time today to use our 'heart' in our work!  We used conversation hearts to lead our learning in math.  We estimated, counted, added, compared, sorted, and graphed.
It kept everyone very busy...
and focused...
as they independently demonstrated all the concepts...
they already know!
We even made a graph of how many letters were on each of the conversation hearts!
One of the things I have always known is that students can't sit forever.  When I can see the wiggles start to take over, I find a dance video appropriate for the classroom and we all get up and dance!
In Apple Schools, that is called "Sneak in a Break"
Target had foam conversation hearts stickers.  The students got a chance to choose some today and use them as they wrote a story.  Quite creative!
I always love to read why the students love our school!  I think the one that surprised me was "I love our school because we have a great gym."  

Tomorrow isn't Valentine's Day, but the students in my classroom are exchanging their cards tomorrow.  If they bring sweet treats for their classmates, we will be sending them home to enjoy there.

Don't forget that Friday is our Olympic Day.  Please show support for Canada by wearing Red and White and/or Canadian clothing.

I'll be asking the students tomorrow if they would like to dress on 100th day, which is Tuesday, February 18th.  What would they wear?  Whatever they think they will look like when they are 100 years old, of course!

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