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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Shrove Tuesday

This week saw us celebrate Shrove Tuesday, the day that we reflect on how to bring a clean heart into the season of Lent.  On Wednesday, our entire school will travel to our parish and celebrate mass for Ash Wednesday.  It has been years since I have had the privilege of bringing students to church on this important day, the beginning of Lent.
A HUGE thank you to the parents who organized our pancake 'mid-morning' lunch.  The students loved the healthy oranges and bananas that accompanied their pancakes and juice.

They ate it all up!
I am over the moon with our success using our iPads.  All of the students have completed their reports and this week we are learning how to use the iPads to video tape (probably a more modern 'techie' word for that, but I am of an age...) each other.  The plan is to take the iMovie (is that what I should call it??) and upload (see I know new terms!) onto my private Youtube channel (which I set up all by myself!!)
Once the movies are loaded, I will be creating QR codes and these will be displayed so that when the parents come for Student Led Conferences later in the month, they can use their SMARTphones, and scan their child's code.
That code will then allow the parent to view their child reading their report!  I hope it all works!

Please, if you don't have a QR code reader downloaded onto your device, please do so.  If you don't have the kind of phone that allows for that technology, I will have my iPads available for you to use!

You should be able to book your time for Student Led Conferences on March 25 and March 26 on line now.

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