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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year!

September 2nd brought a wonderful group of Grade Two students to my classroom (with a few more added the very next day)!  I am delighted to be in a Grade Two classroom absolute favourite age!  Twenty five new little ones to love and watch grow!
Here is my welcome board right outside the classroom door.  I will be assessing the children's knowledge of the alphabet and the sounds of the letters using this timeless book!  
At my Open House the week before classes began, I took a few photos of the children to add to this area.  They have the best smiles.
As you walk into the classroom, this bookshelf is to the left.  It houses the book boxes for Daily Five, and is one of the shelves that have our levelled books, where the children will 'shop' for books to Read to Self and take home for Read to Someone.
This shot gives you an idea how full the room will be with 25 little bodies.  I had 3 tables last year and 5 this year.  We will all have to like our neighbours and learn to share.  The Word Wall is in-between the window.  Words posted there are 'no excuses' words....and must be correctly spelt in all written work.  These are words that were learned in Gr. 1 and we will add words to the wall as we learn more in Gr. 2.
I am now standing with my back to the windows, looking back into the classroom.  The closer blue boxes are the second shelf of books and the furthest blue boxes house the student's individual supplies.  Tables are wonderful for co-operative learning and really fit in with the manner in which Alberta Education is requiring us to develop an Inquiry based curriculum.  It also means that I need to find another way to house the student materials.
Students will work individually, in pairs, or in small groups with the teacher at this little round table.
 This allows me to ensure that individual needs are met and examine the progress of the students so that I can ensure that they are improving in the area that they need to work on.
Opposite the round table is the second small rug area.  The pillows and benches allow for more small group work areas within the classroom.  Co-operative learning will be encouraged.  Do you like Fancy Nancy?  She came back with me from FAO Swartz in New York!
Working on Calendar Math daily will allow the students to see how knowing numbers is important in realistic daily activities.  The SMARTBoard is just to the right (you can see one of the grey speakers).
Here's one of my teaching stations, and just out of the range of the picture, on the floor, is our second little carpet.  I do mean little, because 25 kids cannot fit on it!
It's true!
The students' future is so bright, they have to wear shades!
I want to thank all those wonderful teachers who share their work on the internet.  I so appreciate the ability to use your beautifully made products in my classroom!  Doesn't this little guy just beam with pride at being a second grader??

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