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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Peanut Aware Zone

Thought you might like to see how our budding artists are starting to bloom! These little Wemberlies are from last Friday when we talked about the reality that worrying does not really help us achieve anything!  Instead, we should be willing to try new experiences!
Here's our own little art gallery with our framed 'dot' paintings along with two proud artists!
Our classroom needs to be a 'nut aware' zone this year as one of our classmates has a peanut/nut allergy.  I know how important protein is for growing bodies and how difficult it is to ensure that children get all the nourishment that they need with a packed lunch.  As a class, we talked about the ways that our classmate might have contact with peanuts through our lunches.  One little boy mentioned that we has 'WOW butter' and when I was shopping I found this one, which is actually made with sunflower and sesame seeds along with flax.  Please try to add a little note that just says that the sandwich is made with the alternative that will keep our little friend safe.

Just a reminder that sending a fresh fruit or vegetable every day for morning snack really keeps the children energized until lunchtime.  Please help avoid the 'sugar' rush that happens when a prepackaged snack such as 'fruit snacks' is sent.  The children are busy learning and really need your support to fuel their tummies to keep going!

Thanks so much!

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