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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Nine days down!

It has been a busy week!  Who would have thought that we would see snow this first full week of school?  It was 30 degrees this time last year!  Keeping the children happy and healthy, no matter the weather is one of our goals.  When it looks like my class could use an opportunity to recharge, I often get them up and dancing using a short dance video on the SMARTBoard.  This one was from Koo Koo a Roo and the children loved doing the Dinosaur Stomp with them!
It's a fun way to learn to follow directions, and learn left from right!

We will have our library book exchange with Mrs. Mishio every Friday.  Please have your child pack their library books every Thursday night so that we can have new books on Friday.
Seems a long time since that first day of school but being a bit worried about all the newness of the class, grade, and what is expected can still give a child a case of the 'jitters.'  We shared the things we are a bit worried about and then had a glass of 'jitter juice', to wash all those worries away.

Wemberly worries about everything!  We made 'text to self' connections with her.  The children heard the story (the text) and then thought of how they were a bit like Wemberly (self).  We shared these, wrote about them, created our own little Wemberly and then painted a background for these little mice.

The children found out that painting is not really the same as colouring.  They were very focused, concentrating on doing their best.  The final results look lovely!

Tomorrow is International Dot Day.  We'll be celebrating!  The answer to 'What did you do at school today?', should be 'So much!!!'

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