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Monday, 8 September 2014

Keeping Healthy...Having Fun

Did you notice that the note for September 5th said "Special Event"?  Thanks to Mrs. Lampka who organized eight activities for our students to participate in during the afternoon.  Here at our school, which has the APPLE School designation, we look for ways to ensure our students are learning to eat well and be active to start the habits early and avoid issues later.  

The children were willing participants in everything we tried.
This morning, the Rise and Shine binder was introduced.  It is an interactive way for the students to participate in our Daily Calendar activities, which provides great mathematical practise in ways that relate to the real world.
Today, we focused on the date and number of days we have been in school.
The children listened to the story "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and had the opportunity to create the same type of tree with all the letters put in order.
We have 'reverse recess', which means that the children play outside for 15 minutes and then come in to eat their snack.  Our hope is to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.  For this snack I ask the children to choose a fresh fruit or vegetable.  The natural sugars in these snacks give the children the energy to get through the rest of the morning.  Remember that all the students may have water in the classroom, as long as the bottle is one that has a locking  spout so that it cannot be knocked over and spilt.
OOPS!  I made a mistake.  My 'before school' supervision is on Tuesday, so that is the morning that the students will have to wait outside until I can come in to unlock the door.  On Wednesday, I have supervision at the morning recess.  Sorry for the confusion.

I will be sending home the Scholastic book orders tomorrow.  The company is always the most generous to classrooms in September, allowing teachers to use 50% of the monies towards purchasing books for the class.  If there was ever a month to order, this would be it!  If you are ordering, the cheque is to be make out to Scholastic Canada, Inc.   I will send in the order on Friday, September 12.  Don't forget that is our Welcome Back breakfast.

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