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Monday, 15 September 2014

International Dot Day 2014

I am sure that when Peter Reynolds wrote this amazing little book, he did not know that the impact that the line "Mark your mark...and see where it takes you?" would have around the world.  Around September 15ish, this day is celebrated, helping children in over 70 countries find out that they can do it!  Making their mark is worth the effort.  The story may focus on art, but the message is bigger than that.  You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.  What starts off small can grow and grow.

The students had the opportunity to see that their 'dots' could be colourful and beautiful and worthy of being framed.  I'll share the final display later this week.
Does this little angel look just a little more special today than usual?  I think so!  She had an amazing Sunday.  She was baptized!  God's blessings to her and her family!
Take a look in your child's Bee binder, or kanga pouch, or homework folder for this note. (All three were sent home today).  It explains our READ TO SELF program which is called Home Reading.  The children will be bringing home a book each night, Monday to Thursday.  
They will fill in the Reading Log with the book title, and then the adult who has heard them read (mom, dad, grandparent, babysitter) will sign their initials in the other box.  These get handed in each Friday, but it is best if the paper stays with the child in their book pouch.
The kanga pouch from last year is a great choice, but if you don't have one, try getting a plastic pouch with a zipper or snap like the one pictured above.  I find the best selection at Dollarama.
The pouch is to protect the book when juice, or water or some other liquid spills in the backpack.  It also helps the child know that this should be coming to school each and every day to be exchanged for a new book.  

I didn't take a photo of the homework folder, but it will be used to send assignments that need to be finished and brought back the next day (on the right side of the folder) and also assignments that have been completed and assessed and can be left at home (on the left side of the folder).  The feedback may assist you in knowing how you can work with your little one at home on a concept that is not quite solid yet.

Here's a little video of the story "The Dot"  Enjoy!

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