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Friday, 27 June 2014

Thanks for the memories....

The students in Grade Three this school year are the only ones who did NOT have to write government issued exams in May and June.  We brought the two classes together last week to do some ACTION research.  We asked the question "Which device, Chrome books or iPADs would you recommend the students use in September to write the Student Learner Assessments and why?"  We also asked the Gr. 3 students to create a list of what a student would need to know how to do, in order to be successful using either device for the SLA.
The students were grouped in twos or threes and used the two different devices in both of the classrooms.  The results were overwhelming!  At a 36 to 1 ratio, the students preferred the iPADs!
It will greatly assist the teachers to know which devices are easier for the students to use, and what skills must be in place to be successful in their assessments.  Of course, the students who will be assessed in September will be the students currently in Grade 2!

We were lucky enough to have a group of adults come and share some information with the students at our school about the upcoming World Triathlon in August.  
In our school yard, instead of regulation bikes, the students got to use tricycles, but their excitement was still the same!

No pool in our school yard either, but our imaginations took over as we swam before hopping onto those trikes...
raced around the course on bikes and then ran to a glorious finish!
If you are looking for a fun activity later this summer, check the bell that your child brought home as it has the dates for the big event!
I ABSOLUTELY love the Fort Saskatchewan Museum.  History comes alive!
The students were mesmerized as the blacksmith created a horseshoe right before their eyes!
They got to see a sewing machine, perhaps like your grandmother had!
The school house with all the rules was a favourite!
Ask your child about what was used to play "Kick the Can"
They visit Dr. Henry's house and the Kulak house and find out that all families then, just like now, do not have the same standards of life.
An old board and some rope become a favourite past time...a swing is always a favourite and they line up for a short turn.
Life in the NWMP barracks are so eye opening.  The beds have a Hudson's Bay blanket and a real bison hide.  Ask your child what was used to tan the hide.

The lookout tower shows a view to the river as well as to the fort's yard and gate.
Those far buildings weren't there last June!  It was a surprise to have more places to explore!
What year did Alberta become a province?  What was it called before that?
Can you identify the animal whose pelt is tacked to the wall?
How were the walls made?
It was a dark and stormy....actually it only threatened to rain, but luckily we managed to stay dry all day.  What flag is flying because it's not our Canada flag?

One of those new buildings was the gaol, or jail.  They loved being locked up for that minute or two!
Remember those words "Oh what fun it is to ride in the one horse open sleigh"?
We got to see one in the stables, also a new part of the tour.
Hopefully they will al remember how this pulley system works when they do this unit in Grade Four Science next year!
Look what the blacksmith made!  Ask why the wheels were wrapped in iron?
Attention!  They got to be members of the NWMP!

One of their favourite stations is the work station where they get to wash clothes, use the wringer and then hang them on the line!
Then there's the milking of the goat and cow...such a treat!

Our final treat was the opportunity to learn how ice cream is made...

..and then a taste!  YUMMY!

Have a safe and blessed summer!  May God be in your heart!
Enjoy and September will be here all too soon!

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