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Monday, 3 October 2011

Spelling for Week of Oct. 3 - 7

This week our focus will be on the sound that the vowel a makes when it is 'short'.  This would be the sound heard in words like and, ham, cap, splat or ran.  There are so very many words that have this sound that the list is endless.  When I completed the assessment of the alphabet with the entire class, including Grade 3 students, I discovered that some students are still learning to distinguish the various sound made by the vowels and not all could share the long or the short vowel sound for all five vowels.  By focusing on the vowels now, reading and spelling longer and more complicated words will be less intimidating later.

This week I am asking the students to look at creating rhyming words using the short vowel a rimes.  Those that are ready for a challenge might like to create words that begin with blends or diagraphs (such as spl- or wh-) and those that are still remembering how to create a rhyming word will stick with basics.

Remember that there is no 'test', just learning that will move into their everyday writing.

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