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Thursday, 20 October 2011


Having two grades in one classroom can be a bit challenging, but it does assist students in learning to become more independent learners.  They also learn to rely on each other more and to assist each other through positive interactions.  The Grade Three students are reading a novel called Bunnicula.  The vocabulary is challenging, the story is told through the eyes of a dog, and like most novels, the reader needs to make connections with the text to help understand the story.
As the students read, they use small coloured post-it notes to flag parts of the story.  For example, a yellow post-it means that the students can't read the word, while a blue post-it means that the part that the  student just read, confuses them.  If the student makes a connection, they use a pink post-it note.

Being able to talk to another student about the story is a bonus!

Words like tranquil, decipher and mongrel allow the students to use a variety of reading and comprehension strategies to figure out how the word is said and what it means.

Now the question is:  Is Bunnicula really a bunny dracula that sucks the juice out of vegetables?

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