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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Keeping Kids Safe!

For the Halloween party each class makes a 'treat bag' so that the students have something special to carry home all their 'loot' from the game stations that they will visit.  I thought that this year, our bags were especially big and roomy and decided that the bags could serve double duty. 
I try and use every opportunity to turn an activity into a true learning experience.  The students heard the sequence of the steps that they would be following in creating their Jack-o-Lantern bags.  They heard the words first, next, then and finally, which are words that they will be using in their own writing, when the assignment asks them to explain a series of events.

First the students cut out pumpkin shapes. Next they drew on the faces, cut out the features and then they traced them onto the front of the black bags.  Finally they were ready to paint!

Painting uses a different approach than colouring and for some, painting is quite a challenge!  What a fun way to overcome an obstacle!

This is the first time I have ever had children use 'Glow in the Dark' paint.  I hope that when these little Trick or Treaters are out on the streets Monday night, calling out "Halloween Apples, these smiling bags will be helping them be just a little bit safer!

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