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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Reading a Recipe

One of the areas that is often included in the Grade Three Provincial Achievement Language Arts exam is reading a recipe.  All the primary teachers help the students understand the unique way that a recipe is written.  This year I found a wonderful recipe on the "First Grade Parade" blog.  It was to make applesauce.  The students all got a chance to use a special spiral peeler to peel the apples, then we read the recipe, found the ingredients, followed the directions, measured and waited until it was done.  It was a hit!
 Everyone was encouraged to try a little taste.  We talked about the smell of the applesauce as it was cooking in the crock pot, and then the taste when we got to eat it the next day.
Those who loved it, really loved it.  Others, not so much!

We created a web, with the words in black being the words that describe the smell, and the words in red added to describe the taste.  Fancy Nancy would be impressed with the word 'spectacular'!

Here's the recipe from "First Grade Parade", just in case you have a few apples that need to be sauced!

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