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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

It's here!

The 'ooohhh's and 'aaaaah's, applause and 'Hooray"s could be heard throughout our classroom when I announced that the IPad that I have purchased to use in the classroom had arrived!  Being older, these sweet little ones were able to teach me a thing or two about exactly how to use it and what each little button was for.

As most of the groups sit in pods of 4, it's hoped that we can just rotate through the room on a daily basis so that one group of 4 will be using the IPod Touch(es) and IPad at least once a week during 'Read to Self'/'Listen to Reading' time.  Here, one lad is trying the 'swipe the screen' method of turning the page in the electronic book.  I am so grateful to the generous parents from last year who knew that I planned to try these devices in the classroom this year and gave gift certificates at the end of the year to allow me to purchase the books that your children are now reading.

What a cool way for students to engage with text!  Reading is reading, and practice makes perfect!
The children are excited to get right to work, stay in one place and focus on reading!

Just a quick photo to show you the 'playaway' that I will be also using in the classroom.  These are being lent to us through the Strathcona Public Library.

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