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Monday, 5 September 2016

Following directions.....following rules

Whenever we work on a lesson, there is always a 'tie-in' to the Alberta Learning Program of Study.  Each grade has specific aspects of learning that the students are to be proficient in during their time at that grade level.  Even lessons that look like they're 'fun' have a connection to learning.  Here's a case in point:  My picture doesn't really show it, but the white board has 'steps' for the children to follow.  Knowing what to do first, second, etc. is important.  Listening to directions is a skill to have under your belt, but so is knowing that you might have to go back and re-read to stay on track!
The students were making their own 'David', who is the main character in a series of books written by David Shannon.  The little boy in the story is learning how to follow rules.
Another aspect of our learning involved knowing how to 'orientate' or turn the paper.  Here's an idea that I had come across.  The paper can be turned so that it is long 'like a hot dog' or tall 'like a hamburger.  Connections like these help little ones understand the directions a bit better
Here is the sort that the students helped me do with what they should and shouldn't do in school.
Each and every David turned out differently!
I think they make a lovely display just outside of our classroom!


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