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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

An apple a day....or for the whole week

To introduce non-fiction reading to the students, we are focussing on apples.
We are using a variety of different non-fiction sources to look at the different features found in these types of books, such as labels, captions, photos, bold words, table of contents and glossaries.
As the students heard the information, they were intrigued by the facts that they learned.
Ask your child how many different types of apples there are (over 7000) and if they know any names of apples (we could name 10 varieties).  You could also ask where the blossom that started the apple on the tree is found on an apple (do you know?) or what insect is needed in the orchard to make sure that apples can grow.  The students were so intrigued by this new learning and I know they would love to share.
They are creating a lap book to demonstrate their new learning, and focusing on recording their observations, the way that a scientist would.
Today they used their long term memory to name the five  senses  that they learned about in Grade One.  Could your child name them?  The students all got to taste three different types of apples: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith.  Using their senses, they shared their thoughts
which I recorded on the whiteboard.  They used these words in their own observations which then got  pasted into their lap books.  You'll see those soon!

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