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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

What's with the labels??

What a day to be 'Teacher's pet'!  Our good humoured kiddo allowed us to label him!  Why would we do that?  It is part of our new learning.
Here is the anchor chart that is being displayed in our classroom right now.
If you can touch something, you are most likely looking at a noun.
It does get a bit tricky, but we tried labelling our friends, and then were reminded of something that might have been heard in Grade One...
a noun is a person, a place or a thing.  Can you touch Fort Saskatchewan?  It's a place.  We think that since we are standing in the city, then we are touching it with our feet!
We then talked about action words, which have the fancy name of verbs.
We tried to pantomime all of these lovely verbs.  The students tried to identify the actions of Pete the Cat, who is the main character of the books we are reading in class.  We are going to notice in our next lesson, that verbs can tell us when the action took place.  Here's an example:
ran     run      running

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