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Friday, 9 September 2016

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Recognize this favourite?  This book led many of our classroom language learning activities this week, as the students demonstrated their understanding of the alphabet.
Look at how bright and colourful our back wall is now with their work.
The students practised cutting and pasting as they created a palm tree with three coconuts and all the alphabet "up the coconut tree."  They were to find a way to put the letters in alphabetical order.
Here's another way that a student choose to show the order of the letters.
What would you say about this student's ability to put the letters in order?
The students also took the first letter of their first letter and completed this little writing.  I put any of the words that they chose onto the white board for them to copy.  There are many students who are not sure how to correctly make each upper and lower case letter.   If you notice the errors, such as the backwards 'j' and below, the 'n' with the line on the wrong side, please demonstrate the proper way to make the letter.  We say "go down the ladder" for every letter, which means, every letter is made from the top down, not the other way around.

The students do not take their morning snack outside.  Instead for all recess breaks, the students go out to run and jump and play to get their hearts going.  When they take their snacks out, they just stand around and can't "shake their sillies out."

When they return from morning recess, they get a fruit or a vegetable from their lunch and come into the classroom.  they have about 5 minutes to eat before we start our lessons.  Look at these great choices"
cucumbers and tomatoes and dip
carrots, tomatoes and pepper slices
more peppers and dip
and a good old fashioned apple.

The Canada Food Guide says that children aged 5 to 8 need 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. By sending fruits and vegetables as morning snacks, you are helping your child get the vitamins and natural sugars that they need.  If a child does not have a fruit or vegetable in their lunch, they are encouraged to ask others at their table to share with them.  

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