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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Just down the hall from our Grade Two classroom is an alcove area that our class and another class will share.  Just like our tiny classroom, there is not very much space in this area either.  We are going to have to plan strategically for the 45 students to be able to use this area and find their items.
Here's a photo to show you that each student only has one coat hook.  Starting tomorrow, we will have a new way to organize ourselves.  First, only our outside clothing will be going on the hook.  This is in preparation for winter when we will have both snow pants and a coat that need to be hung up.  There is a wooden shelf above.  You'll notice I put the name tags up high.  Here's my plan:  The next time you finish a gallon (oops!  not metric...should that be 3.84 litres?? of ice cream, please wash and wipe thoroughly and send it into me.  I will label and it will sit above the coat hook on the wooden shelf.  In the winter, your child will use it as the place to put their hat and mittens.  Here's hoping that will help us find them a bit easier!

The little ledge area below is going to be where the students place their backpacks.  Again my hope is that they will find it easier to access and keep things easier to find.
Today each student is bringing home a plastic binder.  I'll be taking these back at the end of the year.  Here's what is inside:
These are B.E.E. binders.  It stands for "Bring Everything Everyday"
Please help your child by ensuring that this comes to school everyday.  It's our main method of organizing and communication.
Inside is a page that explains the binder (with a few spelling errors...why didn't I proof this??)
...a page to explain BRAG TAGS, the students got their first one today (Whoo hoo!) explanation of why it is important to read every night (no excuses!)
and another page that offers different ways to get your child to talk about school instead of "What did you learn at school today? (we know the answer to that one is ...nothing!)

...a couple more pages about reading with your child.....
and the correct way to make printed letters....something a great number of students need to work on!!
Also inside the B.E.E. binder is the child's agenda.  This does not ever need to be removed from the binder as it easily allows for the pages to be turned when it is inside.  Every child got to choose a Canadian animal marker (you can see it sticking out above the book) which will help them find their page easily.  Sorry but I was only given one for each child.  Please take care and try to keep it safe!
Today we wrote inside for the first time.  You are invited to write to me using this agenda as well.  Please let your child know if there is a note for me to see. THANKS!!
At the back of the binder is a plastic pouch.  When there are notes that are to be sent home, this is where they will be put.  Please check and EMPTY this pocket each night.  If there are notes, order forms, money, etc. that you want me to receive, this pocket is the best place for them to be placed.  Again, please let your child know if you have sent something so that I am sure to check.  

Remember, you have one Grade 2 child to check on, but I have 25!!  
Thanks for being an involved parent!


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