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Sunday, 7 June 2015

First Week of June is DONE!

Truly the best part of teaching in a Catholic School is not having to apologize for our belief in God.  We are free to worship, and pray and experience His presence daily.  I love watching my little ones take this giant step in their own faith journey, welcoming Christ into their hearts at Communion.  It is truly a reason to celebrate!

The student were visited this week by a representative of our parish's Knights of Columbus group.  These gentlemen take the time to create a cross for each and every Grade Two student in our district.  I was sooo impressed that this year, the gentleman took the time to come dressed in traditional garb and explained his mission.  I think the children understood that you are close to God no matter your age.  He loves us all, all the time.
Our science unit is called Small Crawling and Flying Creatures.  On Friday morning, we  became entomologists and explored and observed ants within the school yard.  We learned that ants are very fast!  We also learned that ants could be found just about anywhere we looked!
Every child had a magnifying glass to use.

That didn't stop the constant "Ant!  I see an ant!" from happening!
Ants in the tree?  Yep!  Even there!
There were a few small clear containers with magnifiers on top that I had found when Target was closing.  This allowed the students to get 'up close and personal.'
I didn't think there would be ants in the grass, but there were!
These students are noticing that there were a number of holes in the ground that the ants were coming  out of and then going into.  The question was "Why are they doing that?"
They were all so intent!
Can you see the sugar, oatmeal and cracker crumbs that we sprinkled to see if the ants would be interested in joining us for lunch?

After sharing, discussing, wondering and viewing a great Magic School Bus video, the students were able to create their version of what would be inside an ant hill.

Scientists label their sketches!
Earlier this week, we had focused our attention on ladybugs and wrote a paragraph of facts, independently,  that we learned.

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