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Sunday, 24 May 2015

What have we been up to lately?

We had lots of practise before the Cup Stacking Tournament.  Somehow practise is easier than the actual contest, but it was fun to try our best!
This fellow showed up in our room.  We are going to read, write, and explore all things DRAGON!
We started with this favourite by Robert Munsch.

Come on into our room and see the Paperboy Princesses that we created ourselves.
On Friday, with half a dozen moms and grandmas in tow, we took the bus trip to this cool location.  For some of the children it was their first visit, but many remember previous visits, especially into the corn maze in the Autumn.
The weather was delicious, just like the cookies that we got to nibble on as we watched a puppet show about the Little Red Hen, with some unusual characters!

It's always fun to go for a ride and we got to travel around the farm on this train...bumpy ride!
Everyone got to plant a little marigold to take home.  Should be blooming later this summer.

Oh my goodness!  These little baby bunnies were only 5 days old!  They were precious!

There were peacocks, goats, noisy sheep, quiet chickens, flower shops, a haunted house giant chess and checker games, an area to ride bikes and another to climb and slide.  It was a perfect day!

Thank you volunteers for being so helpful.  The students never stopped smiling!

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