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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Investigation of the Bubble kind...

Inquiry requires opportunities to ask questions, observe and draw conclusions.
The students investigated two different questions using bubble mix, a summer staple!
Will a large bubble move faster than a small bubble?  In partners, the students blew bubbles then using a paper fan, watched as the air carried the bubbles away.   
            The conclusion appeared to be that the smaller bubbles moved quicker than the large bubbles. 
The students also had to figure out how to make the bubbles appear in different sizes!
Using pipe cleaners, and in groups of four, the second investigation was to see what shape of bubble would appear when the bubble wand was in a square, triangular, double circle or heart shape.
The shocking conclusion.....bubbles are always round!
Here's our proud family with their latest addition of a little sister.  I am sure there are always enough hands to hold this little sweetheart!

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