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Sunday, 21 June 2015

We're still learning!

The students have ben writing up a storm!  In this last language learning unit exploring the world of dragons, the students have practised using similes and adjectives to write two dragon description paragraphs....
....have written a story entitled" How Dragon Lost His Fiery Breath", using what they had learned this year to ensure that the story had characters, a setting, a problem, three attempts at a solution and a suitable ending......
...and finally, used nonfiction material to fill in a graphic organizer with new learning and facts
about the dragon that exists on Earth today,
on five islands in Indonesia,
the Komodo Dragon.  
They worked on creating an introduction, four paragraphs of information and a conclusion.  They are all familiar with the understanding that each new paragraph of information should be indented.
For the last ten days of school, the students are hearing a loud 'POP!'
as each and every day, a balloon is burst.
Inside each balloon is a special activity that will be done that day.
On Monday, all the students learned how to make a paper airplane and then we had a contest!
It was a hit!
Our 'Small Crawling and Flying Creatures' science unit is not yet finished.  This past week, we explored the world of bees, learning that there are many different kinds and that like many other insects, they have compound eyes, which have multiple lenses!  These glasses helped the students see like the bees do!
Congratulations to this handsome fellow...
and this lovely gal who have now brought their lives closer to Jesus through the receiving of Communion.
Congratulations also to this guy who is now a big brother!  Baby is so sweet! Lucky to be the little sister to someone with big arms for lots of hugs!

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