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Monday, 29 June 2015

All done!

It's all over!  Grade Two will soon be a memory as these sweeties move onto Grade Three where their new teacher will become 'the best teacher in the whole world!"  They are ready for the change!

We spent Tuesday at the Ukrainian Village.  One of the things that makes this experience come alive is the leaders who present themselves as actual people from the era when Ukrainian settlers arrived in Canada, taking up the government on the promise of free land.

This guy was able to find his great grandparents on the commemoration board.  Neat!

Our group leader took us to the 
first kind of house the settlers would have built, one made of sod.
For some of the children, they came face to face (literally) with animals they had never seen in real life before, such as cows...

("Their hair is scratchy")


and a couple of Clydesdale horses who pulled the cart we rode in.

Don't forget the chickens!

The children went to school, using slates and chalk to
work on Roman Numerals with
the strict headmaster, who asked the students to stand when they answered a question.

Was it fun?
Yes (and a bit tiring!)

When the countdown balloon was popped on Wednesday, it was time to draw with chalk!

Thursday's balloon was an ice cream party!
(First we had a full day of ice cream related work to complete.

So delicious, that they licked the bowl clean!
The room was emptied of all of the tables and chairs and shelves,
and it was time to give out the awards...
and report cards (which we already knew said they were going onto the next grade)
and a little present from the teacher.
September will come all too quickly!

Enjoy the summer.  Read and write and practise math so that you can do your best in Grade Three!

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