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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Third week of Advent

That Snowflake!  She's such a kidder!  On Monday she tried to disguise herself as Santa...
...and as a reindeer!  It didn't work!  We knew it was her!
She wanted us to get in on the fun, so she brought us larger antlers and a red nose, so that we could dress up too!
Bet you can't guess who this is!
On Tuesday, she turned our paper lanterns into a hot air balloon, so that she could spy on the children from above...
where she could see if they were meant to be on Santa's naughty or nice list.
On Wednesday, she brought a pal back with her from the North Pole.
She and the little guy were making snowmen from the mini oranges that she also brought to school!
Wednesday was a pretty exciting day.  Using a unit shared by the teacher who writes her blog using the title Primary World, the children rolled 3 dice and filled in a graph to see how many of each type of candy they would be adding to their house.  For example, if the three dice were 3, 5, and 2 then the student would have to colour in 10 blocks to show that they would use 10 chocolate chips on their house.  Numeracy is all around us!
The students then filled up a bag with the correct number of candies to add to their houses.
Thanks to the three moms and the grandma who made time in their busy lives to join us, adding some icing to their hair and clothing!  We really appreciated their support as evidenced by the children's happy smiles:

(Idea originally found here:
Just wanted to add a photo of a display in the hallway down the centre of the school.  In this time of unrest in Ukraine, Pakistan and Syria and with the many, many deaths in Africa due to the Ebola virus, the whole world needs the influence of the one born in a lowly stable.

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