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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Second Week of December

Snowflake has been very generous!  She brought us a cute puzzle to put together.
She also brought us a movie to watch....hope we can finish our work tomorrow, so that we can!!
You'll have to look very closely to see Snowflake in our Christmas Concert picture (aren't my angels so very sweet?)  She is on the black chair on the right hand side, inside of the basket.  She was also dressed up, ready to join us for the concert, wearing angel wings and a tinsel halo.  She also wore a sparkly red skirt for the day.

Thank you again to my helper angels, the Grandma who sewed 6 costumes for our classes and the two moms who made 25 sets of wings for us.  You are the best!

Congratulations to my 3 little ones who celebrated Reconciliation on Tuesday for the first time!

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