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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Gingerbread Cookies!

Can you see Snowflake peeking out from behind this reindeer picture?  She's so sneaky as she tries to watch the little ones in Grade Two so that she can report back to Santa!
We asked a question.  What would happen to the Gingerbread Man if he had tried to cross the river by himself?  We made a scientific prediction, which is called a hypothesis.
Just before recess, we put our little gingerbread man into some water.
We would have our answer when we returned.
Oh dear!  The Gingerbread man would not have survived going into the water!
It was amazing to me that all these children who are standing, had never tasted gingerbread.  Something had to be done!  Each one got to decorate a cookie!
It didn't take much, just a little icing and some small M & M's
and the cookies changed into little men.
Was this an opportunity to eat?  Yes, but with a mathematical twist...
because as the boys and girls bit the arm,
or leg or head off, they mapped out the sequence of eating the cookie.
We used that information to collect data, then transferred the data onto a graph to find out that 
in our class, 13 students ate the arm first, 5 ate the head first and 6 ate the leg first!
In small groups, the students played a variety of math games all based on Gingerbread, such as probability
finding the unknown number in an equation
and exploring math addition and subtraction facts.

Lots of learning, all revolving around gingerbread!

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