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Monday, 8 December 2014

How many days until the Christmas Concert?

Snowflake was waaaaaayyyyyy up high on top of the SMARTBoard speaker today.  I think she might be keeping a really close eye on all of the children.  

Our concert is on Wednesday.  There is a full dress rehearsal/concert in the afternoon, as well as the traditional concert in the evening.  Children are to be in their classrooms by 6:30.  We will have costume to put on before we start.  Please remember that the children are angels, so keeping their clothes simple for the day, like a pair of pants and a t-shirt, will allow them to be comfortable with the costume and wings on.  They can also wear their regular inside runners.  Fancy dress shoes may cause them to slip and being on the risers, the shoes may just be too noisy.  Once the concert is over, the children will be coming back to the classroom to take off their costumes.  Please give me at least 10 minutes to get all things sorted out before coming to the classroom.  There will be heaps of parents and grandparents in the hallway!  It will be a bit crazy!  I won't be allowing children out until I actually see the parents.  This will ensure safety for all.  Thank you to the lovely grandma who sewed 6 angel costumes for our Grade 2 classes and to the two mamas who made 25 sets of wings.  We know who the real angels are!

For our projects next week, I thank all who graciously have provided some of the sweets for us.  I may be returning some of the marshmallows, as there seems to be too much.  I haven't seen any small candy canes come in yet.  Please remember to send in the $ so that the supplies can be purchased.  Thanks again for pulling together for the students!

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