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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Third Week of Advent

I have my camera at school each and every day.  It's one of those things that I need because I never know when something is going to happen that needs to be recorded and maybe even blogged about.  This is Snowflake earlier in the week.  Looks like she was a bit disapproving of the fact that we don't have a Christmas tree up in the classroom, so she dragged out the blocks and created one out of them.
 Then the week took a turn for the worse.  I couldn't find the camera after Tuesday morning.  I looked everywhere but thought I must have left it at home.  Didn't get a photo of Snowflake that day or the next.  I do remember that on Thursday she was in a bucket and she had written a note to ask if she could come to the music rehearsal so she could hear everyone in the class sing.  She even wore a new skirt for the occasion!  The camera wasn't at home and even though we searched the classroom, we couldn't find it!
It wasn't until Friday morning when I mentioned it to the principal that she suggested that maybe someone had put it in the cabinet with the school cameras.  Yes it was there! Hooray!
So I managed to get this one photo of Snowflake hiding among the other toys on Friday.  What you can't tell is that she is way up high.  I would need to stand on a chair to reach her.  The children inferred that she was up so high because she had been touched by a little preschooler the day before.  The good news is that no one in our classroom has touched her, but she might have been trying to play it safe.

This means that I never did get any photos of the darlings on concert night, with their cool shades on, snapping to the beat and singing "Oh there was a little baby, O my Lord!"  It's not often that the Grade 3 students out 'cute' the kindergarten kids, but they did!!!
Look at our stable!  There are some little chicks in there since I took the photo.  I'll total up our generous donations and let you know this week how many animals will be given to needy families through Chalice.
Remember the day that Snowflake hung these ornaments up in our classroom?  We made special snowmen family ornaments with them and they will be coming home this week to remember the gift that Snowflake gave us,
along with this little star that each student made to add to the ambience in the gym for the concert.  I found the idea on tumblr but can't give a specific person credit for the lovely idea.  This too will be coming home this week for your tree.

Remember that on Wednesday we will be travelling by bus to the Ukrainian Village.  I must insist that each student wears snow pants, mittens, a hat, a warm jacket and winter boots as we will be about 40 minutes outside of Sherwood Park.  If the bus were to break down, the students would need to be able to keep warm.  Much of the day will be spent outside enjoying the special treats of being back in time over 100 years ago.  Remember too that the children need a disposable lunch in a paper bag that day.  There will not be any place to store lunch kits or to warm up food.  We will leave before 9:00 a.m. (remember class starts @ 8:43) so please do not be late or your child, sadly, may be left behind. 

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