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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Marshmallow Launcher

Where was Snowflake this morning?  Could she have thought that this really was Santy Claus?
This afternoon the two Grade Three classes worked on the engineering design process, as they worked on solving this little 'problem.'  They worked in groups of three to create a snow catapult to help Daddy save his back when he shovelled the driveway.  Thanks to Jennifer Maschari for sharing her original idea, which this project grew from.
Each group was given the same package of materials, but they could have as much masking tape as they thought they needed to use as their adhesive.
The best part was listening to the talk, and seeing all the co-operative skills that the students were using.
They had worked through the plan with each other so when it was time to create, they were ready.

Don't you love that they were testing out their model?
Many hands worked together...
all the groups made different types of catapults....
each group got put their design to the test....
and some of those catapults really launched the marshmallow 'snowballs' across the room!
Lots of learning...lots of budding engineers!

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