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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Building Things.....Tall Towers and Sock Monkeys

One of the ways that children are asked to demonstrate their knowledge it through performance tasks.
For this science activity, the students were to use what they now know about adhesives or joining materials, strong shapes in supporting structures, and using the ability to communicate so that others understand and will be able to co-operate in creating.
 In groups of four, the students were asked to use 50 straws and one length of masking tape to create the tallest tower that they could.
Each group used their knowledge to create their own tall tower.
No two were the same....
but there was some clear understanding of foundation at work...

Time was not always kind, and a few groups just didn't complete their vision, which in itself was a learning opportunity.
Thank you to the five moms and two grandmas who came out, after keeping a secret for a whole week, and helped both Grade Three classes sew sock monkeys.
There were a great deal of steps to follow,
many many needles full of thread used,
along with tons of stuffing,
but after a morning of hard work,
the results brought smiles to us all!

I suspect that a few monkeys were allowed to sleep with the children this weekend!

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