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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Second Week of Advent

What's Snowflake up to today?  That little elf decided that she wanted her name to be up on our word wall!  She even made her own name tag!  Pretty creative!
Does Halloween seem like a long time ago to you?  We read the story "Pumpkin Jack" and found out a pumpkin changes over time.  We decided to look at the process and so we have had our pumpkin in out classroom since Halloween.  Look at how the pumpkin is changing!  We noticed that it is changing both in its shape and texture and that some of the seeds inside sprouted and now are growing leaves.  It's been fun to watch.
Our school's Advent project is to purchase animals through a Catholic charity called Chalice.  We will be requesting that these animals be sent to some of the people in the Philippines that lost their livelihood because of the typhoon.  So far, our school has raised enough money to buy a pair of rabbits, a rooster and two hens, a donkey, a goat and a sheep.  Our class would like to help.  Here's what we are going to do:  On Friday, December 13, the students in the class can wear a Christmas style hat in class for the entire day for the price of $1.00.  It could be a Santa hat, an elf hat, a pair of reindeer antlers, a jiggle bell hat....whatever festive headgear the student would like!  The money raised will go into the fund.  Perhaps we could but some chicks and ducklings?  The cost is $15.00.  Let's give it a go!

See you all on Thursday at the concert.  Students are to be in the classroom @ 6:30.  Our class is wearing black pants or skirts and black tops along with their sunglasses.  They are 'cool'.  After the concert, the students will be back in the classroom.  I will let them exit when I see a familiar adult come into the hallway to pick them up.  Please do not ask them to meet you somewhere.  It will be a tiny bit chaotic with 250 small students and double that in adults, all in the hallway at the same time!  

You are welcome to watch our afternoon performance as well.  I believe it starts at 1:30.

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