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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Assembly for Advent

You would have been so proud of the children on Wednesday!  Both Grade Three classes led the morning assembly and since Sunday was the first day of our new liturgical year, and the first day of Advent, that was the theme of our school wide get together.  The students led the assembly, offering prayer and reading the Word of God.  My grade partner explained the symbolism behind our Advent wreath and I explained to the students about our project, which involves raising money for Chalice, a Catholic charity that serves our Catholic community across the world.  We are hoping to 'fill Jesus' stable' with the animals that would have been there to greet Him when He was born.  These animals will be given to families whose homes and lives were ravaged by the typhoon in the Philippines earlier in the fall.  Please consider donating to our cause.  For more information, please click here:
The two classes then got together and created their own little Advent wreath to take home to share with their families, hopefully putting it on the supper table as a visible sign of the coming of Our Saviour.
It was a simple enough project, but it challenged some as they had to work with their fine motor skills.  There are a few who could use some practise just tying a simple knot!
The fellowship between the two classes was wonderful, though I don't have permission to show their faces on this blog.
In the end, each child was proud of their accomplishments!
We are grateful to Lacy Rabideau, who shares so many amazing ideas on her blog, CatholicIcing.
Thirty eight individual Advent wreaths ready to send home!
Here's our little girl!  She's been named.  She is Snowflake.  Looks like she is interested in math!  She found the dice and was counting out enough bears to match the pips on the dice.  Glad she's taking in some learning while she's in the classroom!

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