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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Daily Five

The students have had about a week of Daily Five instruction and are working on building their stamina in each of the five areas up to 20 minutes.  Building stamina allows the students to have the opportunity to do what research tells us is the best way to have children be successful readers.  The structure or framework which the students work in helps them work independently and develop the daily habits of reading and writing.  
To date the students have been working on 'reading to self' and 'working on writing.'  'Reading to someone' is another important component of the program.  To ensure that this element is included, the students will be bringing home a 'home reading book' that is a right fit for their independent reading level.  As a student moves up through the levels, it is still very important that they have the practise of reading aloud.  They are working on fluency, expressiveness and comprehension.  Reading is much more than saying the words.  Understanding what is being shared is the area to focus on now.  
If your child still has a 'kanga pouch' from Gr. 1 or 2, they are welcome to use that.  If they do not, may I suggest a plastic pouch such as these that I purchased for less than $2.00 @ Dollarama.  Since all of the books that the children will be bringing home belong to me, it is important that a plastic pouch protect them from the spills that happen in backpacks all the time!
While you are out getting a pouch, please pick up a set of highlighters.  I appreciate that you sent one or two at the start of the year, but the students will be using multiple colours when they are working on writing.  Again the set at Dollarama is just fine and costs very little!  There is no need to pay more!
I have four iPads that I have the students use for 'listening to reading.'  Please send in a set of earbuds, with whichever ear piece that your child prefers.  These should be in a small ziplock bag and will be kept in their book boxes to use when it is their turn.

Thanks for all your support!

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