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Sunday, 15 September 2013

International Dot Day

Just wanted to show you that not ALL of the classroom ideas that I try with the students are actually successful!  Here's one that wasn't so perfect.  Who knew that in the box of Alphabets cereal, all 26 letters don't appear?  Hard to spell when s is missing!  The idea was to spell the child's name on the 'coconut tree' of those I won't try again!
Friday brought out a wonderfully dedicated group of parents who were making pancakes very early for the school's Welcome Back Breakfast.  Elected members of our community, church members and community service people were also there to lend a helping hand.  THANK YOU ALL!
Here's some of my happy students with their families...

Did you notice that pancakes look a lot like dots?  That's perfect because all the Grade Two classes celebrated....
Watch this video to see the story written by Peter H. Reynolds:

We all took our hand at creating some lovely artwork, based on the story to proudly sign and then display.

The finished pieces were 'framed'... the corridor just outside the classroom.
This year we will follow this great advice: "Make your mark and see where it takes you!"

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