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Friday, 18 January 2013

"SNOW" Much Fun!

Can you guess what we spent the morning doing?
Three guesses...and yes we were outside.....
                                                     Correct!  We built snowmen!!
 I firmly believe that students do a better job of writing when they have the experience to hinge their learning onto.  In this case, we were making compound words that have the word 'snow' in them, then wrote lists of what materials would be needed in order to make a snowman, and finally...
we all went out and co-operatively built the real things!
Okay...this is really a snow alien with a tail, but he counted as a snow creation!
The students got a little creative in how they dressed their snowman.
We spent the rest of the morning using those bags of weigh down our new little snowmen friends.  The students also added batting to the socks, chose a pompom for the top of the hat, and two buttons, which were added along with the eyes, nose, snowflake and ribbon scarf.
I wonder what you call a large group of snowmen?  Maybe they would be a 
"slip of snowmen" or could it be a "slide of snowmen"?
Our art project was based on looking at these snowmen from varying perspectives,
starting with straight on, or as we called it "looking nose to nose",
 then the students could turn the snowmen to the right or left, with more or less angle, and even look at the snowman from behind.
Each angle was sketched,
and then the three sketches were 'framed' as a grouping.
A huge thank you goes out to Reagan Tunstall, who shared the idea of the sock snowmen on her blog.
The students were thrilled to do the project, and sad to have had to leave them at school for the weekend.

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