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Sunday, 27 January 2013

A FUN Friday!

What a wonderful day, full of learning, involving students in older grades willing to be leaders to our class!  In the morning, our Grade Seven buddies came in to help us create our pipe cleaner snowflakes. We had read the story of "Snowflake Bentley", a farmer's son who dedicated his life to capturing the first images of snowflakes on film using a microscopic camera.  It is because of this man's work that we know that each and every snowflake is an individual creation of God and like us, there are no two alike!

Once the pipe cleaners were twisted, and string tied, they were suspended in a cup with a borax solution.  Over the weekend, we hope to see crystals added to our creations, just like crystals are added to the specks that start to become snowflakes.
In the afternoon, we travelled over to Jean Vanier Catholic School where the students in the Ukrainian Bilingual Jr. High program had prepared a most informative look into the culture of one of the countries we explore in Social Studies.  Each was dressed in a traditional blouse, shirt or even a soccer jersey.
We got to see the money of the Ukraine, here pinned onto an embroidered cloth.
When a student in the Ukrainian Bilingual program finishes Kindergarten, they receive a doll, like those  that the students are admiring.
How far reaching are the movies of Hollywood?  Here is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! spoken in Ukrainian.
Those young men in front are leading the students in learning the dance steps....say it with me: step -  behind - step - kick.....
and once it was practised, the students tried it with traditional music!
Probably everyone's favourite, that transcends the language barrier, was the opportunity to try to shoot a ball at the soccer is a huge favourite in Ukraine!

Thanks to the grandpa and mother who joined us on our little journey and thank you to the Jr. High students who were so willing to share their knowledge with us!

Just another little reminder:

Students have music on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday so PLEASE have their recorders packed for those days.  Library is on Friday, so books should be returned then.  THANKS!

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